Our approach to building great web sites

Content is king. Good content is made visible by great design and easy-to-use websites. People don’t read content when it is hard to read. Good design is about creating a website that speaks the message of your company and is easy to read, navigate, and use. We’re experts at creating highly usable websites that speak your brand.

By combining great design with meaningful content, we can create a custom design strategy tailored to your business. Good design work goes beyond trends. That’s why we continue to work with our customers year after year.

Web Site Design and Development

Your website is often the first impression you make to potential customers. Successful websites are more than aesthetics; it means effective content layout and placement.

Our services cover the spectrum of site design and development. From completely custom design to front-end development of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and integration.


We have been using WordPress since its release in 2003, and have made WordPress our preferred backend for nearly every project we undertake.

WordPress (wordpress.org) is a highly recommended content management system and blogging platform with usage on millions of websites. WordPress software is open source and free to use, and there are a wide variety of frameworks and plugins available (free and for purchase) to extend functionality.

Implementing WordPress allows us to reduce the amount of design and development time in a typical project while giving you the ease and flexibility of a mature content management system.

There are numerous ways to optimize WordPress for search engine optimization, and building a site on WordPress typically ensures that changes can easily be made to optimize the site for specific keyword phrases. There are cases where WordPress is not ideal, and in those cases, we normally integrate a robust content management system for editing the site.

Online Selling

We have extensive experience building e-commerce stores and actively manage dozens of online stores for our customers. Our experience ranges wildly from small online shops to stores with thousands of products and millions in revenue.

To learn more about our services for building and managing online stores, click here.

Web Site Strategy

We call our planning phase a “blueprint,” and good planning is an important foundation to our approach to building websites. We believe that good thinking solves design problems. A blueprint removes the guesswork.

We begin most new projects by meeting and discussing the website in depth. We refer to this as “the Blueprint phase.” The Blueprint phase lays the foundation in determining what will make the new website a success. It is the basis for deciding the content and structure of the website and ensures that everyone involved in the project is on the same page.

The decisions made in the Blueprint phase accelerate the design and development stages of the project. Because this process is collaborative and provides a great deal of clarity, it ensures agreement among the entire team. And we promise not to waste your time making useless documents.

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