I have been working with Tornado Design for several years now. I have found them to be a highly efficient, effective, and creative website designers. They have an innate ability to understand what your goals and requirements are.

The website we created has proven to an extremely valuable marketing and branding tool. I would highly recommend working with Tornado design if you are seeking a world class website.

Larry Serge, Danao Outdoor, a furniture manufacturer with locations worldwide

I’ve worked with Tornado on many email campaigns we put together to tailor to our client and get the job done. When we had questions, updates or concerns with the clients questions and updates, Tornado relayed them very well, and focused on the getting the project done on time.

Their team worked with us on many changes with our templates to ensure satisfaction. I am looking forward to working with Tornado on many more occasions.

Katie Somerville, Windsor Management Group

Great job! Thanks for all the hard work and seeing us through this... we appreciate you guys so much.

Annette Alvarez, Founding Partner of Generation Seven Strategic Partners

If you want a user-friendly, award-winning website, I heartily recommend you hire Chris Tingom and Tornado Design. I worked with Chris on web design for the San Diego Community College District for several years developing the district's websites and it was, without fail, a positive experience -- creative, cooperative, productive.

He is that unique blend of an accomplished technical web developer and graphic artist/designer. He has a strong understanding of information architecture and the importance of a user-friendly web interface, as well as a strong sense of good graphic design in the unique web environment. Chris produced the assigned work on time and on budget, with patience and good humor. With Chris' web design we won state and regional awards for college web design. I'm in a new, campus assignment which doesn't involve the college website, but if it did, I'd hire Chris again in a second.

Kristin Tow, The San Diego Community College District

Product Illustration Renderings

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Tornado can provide a wealth of experience in product design and product rendering production. Product renderings are great way to show the inner workings of a product or to simply demonstrate how something works in an elegant manner. Read More

Tornado Design

We designed the web site for a health savings account provider

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If you don’t have a Health Savings Account, it’s a great way to save money (and avoid taxes) while saving for medical expenses (now or later in life). We have been working with a long time client on building this web site and it just launched on Friday. NEOS Healthcare has what most other health savings accounts don’t — a fully web based interface for managing your HSA. Read More


New video sharing site called Viddler launches with help from Tornado

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Viddler has launched! Go check it out now and set up a profile. It’s a new video sharing web site with a lot of cool features. We played a part in making it happen, along with a great team spread around the world.

viddlerAndrew Smith is the lead designer on the project. I handled site planning and blueprinting. Robert Sandie and Donna DeMarco are the founders of Viddler, and organized the project (Pennsylvania), and Kasper Cecek and Lukasz Hankus did all of the Java and Flash development (Poland). Read More

Site Map

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Here’s a site map thumbnail for a project we’re working on. Sorry I can’t say what it’s about but it’s got some pretty cool stuff going on. Notice all of the cool lines and things going everywhere. Yeah, it’s cool.


The Cylex Team would like to thank Tornado Design for being an extension of our business. They developed our easy to use website, as well as, created our marketing materials, including the most recent eight page brochure.

Chris Tingom and his team are great to work with and bring a lot of creative ideas to the table. We would recommend Chris and Tornado Design to anyone.

The Cylex Team