Have you seen Peek before? It’s a free online tool that gives you a chance to see your web site through someone else’s eyes. We submitted our site to the service and within a few days had a 5 minute video clip that we could watch.

Here’s the video:


We’re sharing it here so you can see what it’s like. We’ve also requested the same sort of video for several of our other web sites, and it’s definitely an eye opening experience. After watching the video, we have a bunch of ideas to improve our own web site, which we will implement as soon as we have some free time.

We have watched about 3-4 of these types of videos, and a repeating pattern is the people testing rarely get to the bottom of the page. It’s as if they don’t think to look at a footer for more information. They don’t even scroll to see more. As you watch the video, notice the person never sees the bottom section of the home page, and also never clicks to view the Portfolio page.

We’ll make some improvements, and resubmit the site again soon.

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