SCOTTSDALE, AZ — March 11, 2003 — The web site we produced for the 35th Infantry Division Association is a finalist in the 2003 SXSW Interactive competition!

The home page features a simple muted color palette.

When asked for his reaction, Chris Tingom, Principal, said “we’re excited about the opportunity to see our work recognized among so many other great sites, and we expect the value of our work to be seen by the fine people at the Smithsonian Institution, PBS, National Geographic, and some of the other big names in interactive education. Sites that make knowledge accessible are our favorite kind to create.”

The site launched in September 2002 and continues to receive high amounts of traffic from people interested in WWII history. The site is appropriate for its role as a learning resource for the generations born after WWII as well as a resource for veterans of WWII to meet and talk.

35th Infantry Division in Europe During WWII – Web Site Design Case Study

The story of some of America’s hardest-fighting soldiers in Europe is now available to audiences all over the world. The tale is enhanced by original scanned documents, photographic sideshows, and streaming narration, divided chronologically into five major campaigns.

We built the web site to be an educational resource about the 35th Infantry Division in Europe During WWII. The site, which features several biographical stories about WWII and dozens of photos and documents was a finalist in the 2003 South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive competition. The award show honors top Interactive web sites produced during the previous year.

35th-2Content is divided into five sections — one for each campaign of the war.
A different color is used for each section, and audio narration helps to create interest.